Limestone Tiles: Ottawa

Limestone Tiles: Ottawa
Limestone tiles are gaining popularity with homeowners throughout Ontario, including those building or renovating in the Ottawa area. This versatile and durable stone has many advantages and is a beautiful addition to any home.
Limestone is sedimentary rock that was created mainly from organic material, such as the skeletons and shells of marine animals. This material, along with sediment, settled to the bottom of bodies of water millions of years ago and over time solidified into rock.
In its purest form, limestone is white. However, during formation, impurities may become embedded into its structure, causing colourful streaks and tones to appear on its surface. For example, the presence of iron will cause limestone to turn shades of red or yellow, while carbon will shift the colors toward grey or black. Every piece of limestone is unique.
The hardness of limestone can range from chalk, representing the softest form of the rock, to variations like travertine, which is very hard. Travertine is often found in the stalagmites and stalactites of caves.
The Limestone Advantage
There are many uses for limestone within the home. Here are a few of the reasons why it works so well:
  • Strength. Limestone is a great choice for flooring. It can be perfect for the bathroom and rooms containing heavy furniture.
  • Health. Limestone is a natural product that's hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with allergies. It also repels mould. Natural stone is better for the health of your indoor environment, since it doesn't off-gas dangerous chemicals.
  • Beauty. Limestone is extremely attractive, adding elegance and value to your home. It's available in a variety of colours and often contains exquisite patterning.
  • Versatility. Limestone tiles are suitable for floors, countertops and walls. Use them around your bathroom sink, on stair treads or on floors.
  • Affordability. Limestone is the most affordable premium stone tile. Get the high-end look of natural stone without breaking the budget!
While limestone is a wonderful choice for your home, some challenges do exist. Acidic substances can damage the tiles, so they are not recommended for kitchen use where vinegars, lemon juice and other acidic food products may come into contact with them. However, if you ensure that your limestone tiles are properly sealed, they will last a lifetime.
Selecting a Stone Supplier
Ottawa-area homeowners are fortunate to have some of the province's finest stone companies servicing the city and surrounding area. Some things to consider when choosing a company include:
  • Reputation and track record. Has the company been in business for several years? Do they have a record of satisfied customers?
  • Is the business a franchise or a family-owned enterprise? Buying from a franchise may mean slightly lower prices, but it almost always means getting an inferior stone.
  • Inventory. Does the supplier carry a large inventory of stone? Are you able to visit their showroom or warehouse to view the types of tiles available? Better stone companies will always welcome customers into their showroom or warehouse to view their selection of stone.
  • Price. Are the supplier's prices competitive?
  • Friendly. Are the company employees friendly and willing to educate you about stone products?
Add beauty to your home today with Mother Earth's artwork – natural stone!